HAM Test Requirements

Following are the requirements for taking a ham radio test. We have not scheduled a testing session yet, but will be doing so in the near future.  Watch this Website for an announcement of the next scheduled testing session.  Prior to the testing session, you will be required to send completed a “pre-registration” form at Ham Test Pre-Registration Form .

You will need to have a FRN number in order to fill out the Pre-registration form.  To obtain a FRN number you will have to set up an account with the FCC and have a valid email address ( no charge to obtain an FRN number ).   After I receive your pre-registration form will set you up in the computer and you will be set to take the ham tests.  There is no charge for the testing.  After you pass the technician test you can take additional tests if you wish.

If you do not have a ham license, once you pass the Technician test you will receive an email from the FCC and you will need to pay the FCC $35 to process your license.  If you have a license and are testing to upgrade there is no charge from the FCC.

Please let us know as soon as you know if you will be testing so we can get you set up. This alleviates a lot of time spent and confusion at the test session.  If you are not testing but know someone who would like to test, please pass this information along to them.

Also, if you pass the test and become a new ham, remind us to give you the information for you to receive a free handheld ham radio.

If you have questions or if we can help you, feel free to contact us. Contact Us