Path to a Technician License

Gordon West Technician Class Manual (Be sure you get the current one ) available from Amazon ( $29.95 with Audio CD ). May be available cheaper as book only. Use in conjunction with class or for individual study. Has all the questions plus some short explanations as to why answers are correct. 

Below is a link to all the questions on the ham tests with the correct answers ONLY. If you want to just memorize the answers this might be the easiest route, and it is free. It can also be used in conjunction with other methods.

There are practice tests that can be very helpful or even all you need if you plan to memorize the answers. They also help you gauge your progress and help you determine if you are ready to take the actual test. is one site and it is free. You will need to sign up to use it but it is a reliable site and used by most amateur radio operators.

Below is a link to Ham Test Online. There may be some free parts, but most that use it pay a fee. I understand it is the most effective of the practice test sites. You might read the information about it and try what is available. They claim you can get a license using their site with about 10 hours of study.

Another site is When you access this site go to the section on Education and Training. They have a book available for $19.95. The emphasis from ARRL is understanding the material more than teaching to the test. Certainly you will learn more this way, but it may take longer. They also have a series of U-Tube videos that are very good explanations of the material and work in conjunction with the ARRL manual. See below for a link to these videos. 

Videos that go with ARRL manual- free and can be used without the manual for a better understanding of the material. Total running time of the 37 videos is five and one half hours.