Summary of Winter Field Day 2023

We set up at the Salvo Day Use Area after obtaining permission and a permit from the National Parks Service. Since we were a mixed bag of operators and we were on Hatteras, we decided to use the Fessenden Amateur Radio Society call of K4OBX. Being on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, we could also be a POTA activation (K-0682), if we made enough POTA contacts to qualify as an activation (10). Saturday was a bit breezy and cool if you were in the wind and shade, but Sunday was a beautiful day, Light wind and sunny.

We made 50 contacts to 14 different states and 3 Canadian provinces. Our furthest contact was California. We made 16 Parks on the air contacts, 3 were Park to Park contacts. We had 11 participants Saturday and 7 participants Sunday. We spoke to ~ 15 people about amateur radio and emergency communications. We also talked to a couple of Sheriff Deputies that came in to use the facilities.  It was a successful event with lots of camaraderie and good discussions about emergency communications, our individual capabilities, some unique antennas, our varied interests, and a bit of history. We tried 5 different antenna designs and 4 different rigs, some QRP and others at 100W. We operated on 40M, 20M and 10M.